Advertising On Interstate 90 in Chicago

Interstate 90 & Billboard Advertising In Chicago

Nearly 110 miles long and spanning northwest to southeast, Interstate 90 is one of the most popular roadways in the state of Illinois. Image Media Outdoor has many strategically placed billboards along this popular roadway that can give your business invaluable exposure to a wide and diversified audience. Despite the high tech world in which we live today, outdoor advertising continues to be a wise investment for local businesses.

The Benefits Of Advertising On I-90 In the Chicagoland Area

Here are just some of the many benefits of purchasing billboard space along Interstate 90.

Great Number Of People Away From Home

Government statistics cite that most people today during their working years spend as much as 70% of their waking hours away from home. This gives billboard advertisers a great opportunity to reach people where they are, instead of trying to get their attention on TV or in a newspaper.

Audience Exposure

With over 300,000 cars a day traveling on I-90, billboard advertisers can take advantage of an enormous opportunity to broadcast their message to a large and demographically diverse group of motorists.

Influencing Shopping Behavior

Data compiled by Arbitron indicates that 4/10 motorists traveling on busy highways such as I-90 will choose a specific store to shop at because they saw it advertised on a billboard.

Boosting Online Traffic

Utilizing billboards on such busy expressways as I-90 can also help to boost a company’s online traffic as well. According to Arbitron, 3/10 motorists who see a URL address on a billboard will be able to remember it long enough to visit a business’s website.

Measuring Billboard Success On Interstate 90

There has never been a better time in the history of billboard advertising than now to accurately measure the effectiveness that a campaign can have on the buying public. Image Media Outdoor is pleased to have partnered with Geopath, a leading marketplace research organization that specializes in audience location measurement data. Through information supplied by Geopath, we are able to evaluate the effectiveness of billboard advertising with the specific audience that a business is trying to reach. The kind of information gives us the tools we need to make our clients’ billboard campaigns more successful than ever.

Advertising On Interstate 90 in Chicago

The great billboard locations that Image Media Outdoor has along I-90 will bring the message of your product or service to hundreds of thousands of motorists on a daily basis. Contact us today to learn more about how we can put our years of experience and the most advanced data to work for you in order to reach the right audience.

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