Advertising on the Dan Ryan in Chicago

Billboard Advertising On The Dan Ryan Expressway

Only 12 miles long, the Dan Ryan expressway is one of the busiest roadways in the entire state of Illinois. Image Media Outdoor has many great billboard locations along this well known highway that can help our customers reach an enormous and diversified audience. Businesses have many choices today when it comes to where to spend their advertising dollars, but billboards continue to be an excellent return on investment for local companies.

The Benefits Of Advertising On The Dan Ryan In Chicagoland

Here are some of the key benefits to adverting your product or service along the Dan Ryan expressway.

People Are Away From Home More Than Ever Before

Recent government data indicates that working people today spend as much as eleven hours a day away from their homes. This gives billboard advertisers a wonderful opportunity to connect with buyers while they are out conducting their busy lives.

Audience Volume

More than 250,000 vehicles travel on the Dan Ryan daily, which gives companies who utilize billboards the ability to reach an extremely diverse and broad base of potential customers.

Highway Billboards Drive People Into Stores

According to Arbitron, 40% of motorists who see a store’s billboard on highways such as the Dan Ryan will shop at that specific retailer because they saw it advertised while traveling in their car.

Taking advantage of outdoor advertising on the Dan Ryan can also help increase a company’s online traffic as well. Arbitron also reports that 30% of people who see a URL address on a highway billboard will remember it long enough to visit the company’s website at their next opportunity.

Measuring Outdoor Advertising Success On The Dan Ryan Expressway

Image Media Outdoor is proud to partner with Geopath, a leading market research company that specializes in compiling audience location metrics data. Using information provided to us by Geopath, we are able to determine just how effective a billboard’s campaign is being with the exact audience that a company is trying to influence. This kind of pertinent data helps us make our customer’s outdoor advertising efforts as successful as possible.

Billboard Advertising In Chicago

Image Media Outdoor has many great billboards along the Dan Ryan expressway that can help your company get in front of thousands of people on a daily basis. Contact us today to learn more about how we can utilize our extensive experience and advanced data strategies to help you reach your ideal audience in the Chicagoland area.

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