Advertising On the I-294 Expressway In Chicago

Billboard Advertising on the I-294 Expressway

Interstate 294, also known as the Tri-State Tollway, extends from Lansing to Deerfield, Illinois. Originally designed to be a bypass around the city of Chicago, it has grown into one of the busiest expressways in the Chicagoland area. Today, it connects motorists from the surrounding suburbs to O’Hare International Airport. It’s estimated that 675,000 vehicles traverse this expressway on a daily basis.

Image Media Outdoor has many prominent billboards along the busy I-294 expressway. Businesses can reach this huge audience 24/7/365 and effectively promote their brand and increase the bottom line. Out of home advertising remains one of the best advertising channels for any business looking to get a positive return on their marketing investment.

Why Should You Advertise on the I-294 Expressway?

There are many reasons you should promote your business along the Tri-State Expressway in Chicago: 

  • Captive Audience

Many people spend a long amount of time each day in their car. This provides a great opportunity to reach potential customers who take the same route each day to work or play.    

  • Big and Diverse Audience

Each day, about 675,000 vehicles travel 11.8 million miles on the I-294 Expressway. This is a huge audience that advertisers can reach consistently, leading to more customers and more business.

  • Billboard Advertising Builds Brand Awareness

Arbitron, in a recent report, estimated that 40% of motorists who noticed a billboard on an expressway will visit that business. In addition, billboards along I-294 help build brand awareness as the same Arbitron study reported that 3/10 motorists who view the company’s URL on a billboard will then visit the website.

  • Billboard Advertising Effectiveness On I-294 is Measured and Evaluated

Geopath is an industry leader in compiling market research and audience location data. Image Media Outdoor partners with Geopath to provide highly detailed information to evaluate the effectiveness of any billboard campaign. Our goal is to make sure every billboard advertiser we work with reaches its’ target audience and has a successful billboard campaign.

Billboard Advertising On I-294 In Chicago

Image Media Outdoor has many prominent billboard locations along I-294 in Chicago to help businesses reach a huge audience on a daily basis. Contact our team today and learn how your business can greatly benefit from our vast billboard advertising experience and expertise!