How to Measure Billboard/Wallscape Audience

The Importance Of Metrics

The world we live in today has more available data than any other time in history. Measuring the effectiveness of your billboard advertising campaigns is a combination of both traditional and modern, high-tech methods.

IMAGE MEDIA can help guide you through the sometimes confusing maze of understanding how to evaluate your advertising’s return on investment. They say in business that what gets measured, gets done. Let us help you get the most out of your advertising campaign by measuring the effectiveness.

Geopath – Success Through Insights

For many years, measuring the effectiveness of a billboard advertising campaign was not as exact as it is today. In the past, the number of cars passing by a billboard could be measured, but the available data was not able to tell much about the demographics of the people traveling in those cars or how many were in the advertiser’s target audience.

We have partnered with Geopath, the industry leader in audience location measurement statistics. Geopath measures and analyzes how consumers engage with billboard advertising and uses captured, consumer data (from a variety of sources) to create aggregated and anonymous audience measurements. This information can help determine, from a variety of perspectives, exactly whom your advertising is reaching.

By sourcing audience breakdowns by demographics, Geopath can help advertisers pinpoint how well their billboard campaigns are being seen by the intended group of consumers. This data can also be a great help when improvements are needed in advertising strategy.

IMAGE MEDIA wants you to have the most successful advertising campaign possible. Our partnership with Geopath helps capture unique data, which can be used to your distinct advantage. If you have a specific demographic or target market, let us know; additional data may be available from Geopath.