Tips & Tricks for Billboard Design

Billboard Design Tips

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been around for over a century, and still remains one of the most effective advertising mediums today. Billboards & wallscapes are two types of outdoor/out of home advertising, and these advertising channels are reaching more people today than ever. Because consumers are now hit with so many advertising messages, it’s critical that your campaign is memorable and spurs action. As you think about the design of your advertisement, remember to try and make it standout over the others. Below are a few creative elements to consider when designing your billboard.

Billboard Design Tips

Effective Billboard Ad Design

Below are some additional tips on how to create an effective billboard design for your out of home advertising campaigns:

Grab Their Attention

There is an overabundance of advertising messaging in the world today, all clamoring for consumers’ attention. It’s more important than ever for advertisers to rise above the noise and actively grab the attention of their target audience. Be creative, communicate your message in a unique way that is easy to remember and hard to forget.

Make Your Campaign Impactful & Insightful

No matter what your product, service or message, make an impression on the consumer. Give them a reason to look at what you do in a different way. Causing people to think about something in a fresh way unconsciously endears them to your brand. Provide a new, novel perspective to what your industry does. People will remember you for it.

Less Is More

Many billboard advertisers make the error of trying to communicate too much to consumers in such little time. Keep in mind that your audience usually has only a brief period to absorb your message, so make your billboard design go a long way (in a little time) by carefully choosing impactful text and images.

Leave Them Wanting To Know More

People are curious by nature. Effective advertising intrigues consumers and it always leaves them wanting to know more. Inspire your audience to take the time to seek out additional information about your business.

Make Your Campaign Come To Life With 3D Extensions & Effects

Let your creative juices flow by making your billboard ad design stand out with 3D extensions & effects. There is nothing more entertaining than seeing a creative billboard design that places imagery or text outside of the traditional, physical borders of a rectangular billboard. From the viewer’s perspective, your message will live and breathe, maybe even defy gravity. No matter what kind of extensions and effects you choose, the impact will be very powerful and memorable.

Digital Billboard Design Tips

Digital billboards are changing the way that advertisers communicate their messaging to the public. This new technology allows businesses more flexibility in their advertising, as compared to printed billboards. Here are some great tips to make the most out of the digital billboard medium.

Take Advantage Of Bold Colors

Digital billboards can produce bold, eye catching colors that are sure to grab the attention of consumers. When designing your digital billboard, be sure to incorporate attractive colors and contrasts that will make your advertisements stand out from the crowd and get people to stand up and take notice. Try and avoid white backdrops behind your rich color choices, as bright whites tend to compete with bold colors from the viewer’s visual perspective.


Even the most creative digital billboards won’t work if people can’t read them. It’s critical to keep in mind that a majority of consumers only have a brief amount of time to absorb what your advertising is trying to communicate to them. Be sure to have the text on your digital messaging large enough so it’s easy to read. Anything that you can do to make your billboard easier to comprehend is a win for you and the consumer.

Brevity – The Key To Effectiveness

The old adage “short but sweet” is certainly true with digital billboard design. Experts advise that the billboard should have 10 or fewer words for consumers to read. Your goal is to get the message into readers’ heads, while giving them a chance to absorb what you are trying to say. When it comes to digital billboards and text, less is definitely more.

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