Billboard/Wallscape Advertising Planning & Goals

Know Your Goals

Know Your Goals

Great results come from great planning. What do you want to achieve from your outdoor advertising? This should be one of the first questions you ask before starting a new advertising campaign? Establishing your advertising goals at the start of the project will ensure that all other efforts remain focused on achieving those objectives. Need help establishing your goals? Let our team of dedicated, advertising professionals guide you through every step of the planning process, from start to finish.

Establishing Your Brand

Who are you in the marketplace and what does your product or service do for people? These questions are the essence of branding. Establishing your brand plays a big role in creating your identity for your customers. Unless you change your approach down the road (which is allowed), you will be known by the branding message that you send out to the world. We have helped many customers over the years create and market their brand to the right audience.



Timing, Timing, Timing

If your advertising message is time sensitive, then you will want to launch your campaign at the perfect moment. A campaign for Valentine’s Day can easily go up in January, right after all the holiday buzz has quieted down. Summer vacation destinations for the kids can start to reach people before school even lets out. Successful advertising campaigns always coincide with the time that your customers will be thinking about your product or service. Timing is very important because the same person that purchases from your company now may not think about it during other times of the year. Let the year’s four seasons, holidays and customers’ social schedules be the wind beneath your advertising wings.

Billboard Location & Target Audience

Even the most creative and effective billboard designs will not meet your advertising goals if you are targeting the wrong audience or location - the physical placement of your message plays a critical role in your advertising campaign's success! IMAGE MEDIA has some of the best billboard locations in the Chicagoland area, including traffic-heavy expressways and popular city neighborhoods to ensure you get your message to the right target audience.