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Chicago Billboards

Despite the many methods that companies have today to advertise their products and services, strategically placed billboards continue to be an extremely effective way to reach a mass audience, all at the same time. Statistics issued by the federal government indicate that most people during their working years spend more than 11 hours per day outside of their homes. Whether people are commuting to and from work, going to eat in restaurants or driving down the highway, it is clear that outdoor advertising has many opportunities to reach consumers several times throughout the day.

Chicago has always been a great place for businesses to utilize billboard advertising. Unlike other forms of media, billboards stay on the job 24 hours a day, without any interruption or need for the consumer to actively seek them out. While advertisers in the Chicago area have the ability to reach a mass audience, they can also strategically target a certain portion of the population by placing billboards in key locations. A good example of this would be a hotel billboard, a few miles away from a popular tourist attraction or a restaurant, located just off the highway as consumers head into the city.

Chicago Outdoor Advertising

When it comes to Chicago billboard advertising, businesses consistently see a strong return on their marketing dollars. Arbitron, the well known consumer research firm cites that 4/10 consumers will shop at a specific store, as a result of recently seeing a billboard for it. In addition, research has shown that the effectiveness of other forms of media, such as radio and TV are significantly boosted by billboard advertising that is run simultaneously for the same product or service.

With respect to ecommerce and the internet, Arbitron found that 3/10 people visited a website because they saw a company’s URL address on a billboard and remembered it long enough to look the site up a short time later.  Whether your company chooses a digital billboard in Chicago or a traditional static version, the data is clear. Billboards are powerful tools, either on their own or in conjunction with other forms of advertising, for businesses to reach the right audience at the right time.

Chicago Advertising – Measuring Effectiveness 

The Chicago billboard industry has made great advances in recent years in the ability to accurately measure how consumers interact with the advertising they see. Historically, marketing companies could count the number of cars that passed a billboard on a daily basis, but little was known about the demographic information about the people in those vehicles. Image Media Outdoor has partnered with Geopath, an industry leader in audience location metrics, in order to help our customers fully understand exactly whom their billboards are reaching.     

Through advanced technology, Geopath can measure how consumers engage with billboard advertising in the Chicago area and through the creation of anonymous data determine what portion of the public is being influenced by it. Our partnership with Geopath allows us to determine exactly how effective a billboard campaign is being with the audiences that our customers want to reach the most. This important information is also critical when decisions are being made about the best location to place a company’s billboard advertising, as well as what other strategies should be utilized for maximum effectiveness. Utilizing this data can help us make our customers’ billboard campaigns as successful as possible.

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