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Modern technology has greatly improved advertising over recent years, especially in the innovative city of Chicago. The digital billboard brought a new kind of outdoor digital advertising which brings dynamic and exciting opportunities to advertisers that static billboards cannot. Multiple creative designs, triggered event copy, RSS feeds, weather, and live score updates are just a few of the possibilities digital billboards provide to our advertisers.

What is a Digital Bulletin?

A digital version of a bulletin, or billboard, is one that is computer controlled and can display numerous advertising campaigns at timed intervals (:10 seconds per spot). On the other hand, a static billboard only has the ability to communicate one, single message at a time.

A computer that is attached to the billboard sends the advertising messages to the digital display screen. The advertising campaigns are remotely controlled by utilizing wireless cell phone technology. This allows for fast updates and real time copy changes. Graphic designers create the image much the same way as a static billboard display is set up. We encourage digital bulletin advertisers to use 2-8x designs for their campaign.

Benefits Of Electronic / LED Billboard Advertising

There are many benefits of a digital billboard as compared to a static display, including:

  • Unique Creative Elements - Multiple creative designs, triggered event copy, RSS feeds, weather, live score updates, are just some of the possibilities digital bulletins provide to our advertisers.
  • Prime Locations - Electronic billboards are extremely effective and are normally positioned in extremely busy locations where thousands of people can see them every day.
  • Savings On Traditional Production Costs - Because the images on digital billboards are not made from traditional materials, such as poster paper, advertisers can save quite a bit of money on production costs.
  • Shorter Go Live Dates - Traditional billboards require time to be produced, delivered and hung. Digital messaging is ready to be displayed as soon as the graphic artist has confirmed the final designs and the image can be uploaded to the computer.
  • Instant Updates - Digital billboards have the ability to have their images changed or altered on the fly. Static billboards are limited to what was printed on the poster paper. If your messaging needs to be modified due to changes in advertising strategy or evolving market conditions, the digital billboard can be altered easily.
  • Flexible Campaign Times - Static billboard campaigns run for roughly two week intervals, in order to optimize your messaging exposure. If there are circumstances where it is beneficial to display your advertising for shorter or longer durations, the digital billboard format is very easily adaptable. In addition, if you run a special at your store every Tuesday, for example, your ad could run each week instead of having limited effectiveness during the traditional 14-day cycle. Furthermore, if you are a restaurant, you can advertise breakfast, lunch or dinner at the appropriate times of the day on the same billboard. This kind of timely advertising can be very effective on the viewer.

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We can handle everything from the planning, design, creation and strategic placement of your message at the perfect location. If you have an advertising message that the people of Chicagoland need to see, contact us today to learn more about how digital billboard advertising can have an enormous effect on your brand positioning and sales.