FAQs - Chicago Expressway Advertising

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor ddvertising or out-of-home advertising refers to any advertising that appears outside the home and includes: billboards, rail ads, bus ads, etc...

With the average consumer spending at least 11 hours outside of their home everyday. Outdoor Advertising is a very powerful and effective medium for reaching and targeting a mass audience.

Who uses Outdoor Advertising?

Both national companies and local businesses. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 outdoor ads promote local businesses.

Further, bulletins/billboards and wallscapes are a great way to:

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Build Brand Identity
  3. Launch New Products
  4. Create Consumer Interaction
  5. Build General Awareness

Where Does Image Media have Advertising Locations?

IMAGE MEDIA has modern fully permitted bulletin locations on I-90 Kennedy, I-94 Dan Ryan, I-90 Jane Addams, I-294 Tri-State, I-290 Eisenhower, I-55 Stevenson and I-88 Reagan. Additionally, IMAGE MEDIA has spectacular wallscapes in Downtown Chicago / River North that are occasionally available. Please visit our advertising locations for more information.

What Types of Outdoor Advertising Does Image Media Offer?

IMAGE MEDIA offers the following:

  1. Static Bulletins (20 feet x 60 feet)
  2. Static Bulletins (14 feet x 48 feet)
  3. Digital Bulletin (20 feet x 60 feet)
  4. Digital Bulletin (14 feet x 48 feet)
  5. Wallscapes of Various Sizes

I keep seeing "Bulletin," I came here looking for "Billboards." Is there a Difference?

No, bulletin is the advertising industry term used for billboards.

What is a Static Bulletin?

With a static billboard, a large printed vinyl is stretched over the face of the structure and illuminated by 6-8 halide lamps.

What is a Digital Bulletin?

With a digital bulletin, a digital file of the advertising message is uploaded to a secure network and instantly displayed on the digital face. This allows the advertiser to use multiple messages throughout the advertising campaign without incurring costs associated with production and vinyl changes. For more information about IMAGE MEDIA's premier digital options please visit our digital page.

How Much Will It Cost?

We offer some of the best rates in Chicago. However, your price will depend on location and duration of contract. A better price is available for longer duration and multi-unit contracts. Generally, bulletins are sold on a 4-week cycle (3-13 periods) minimum. The average campaign runs for approximately 6 months to 1 year.

For more information contact our sales department at:

Phone: (312) 988-4600

Email: sales@imagemediaoutdoor.com

How Does the Process Work? What Happens to the Vinyl after the Advertising Campaign?

IMAGE MEDIA is a full-service advertising firm, when needed, we can assist in every aspect of production from overseeing creation of a high quality design to the final printing process.

Additionally, we can store your vinyl at our warehouse facility free of charge until you wish to use it again. Alternatively, if advertising materials have dated copy or the vinyl will not be used again, we donate and recycle the vinyl to be used in construction and farming.

I'm interested in leasing a portion of my land for a Billboard Location, is Image Media looking to expand?

Yes, and we are the best in the industry at it so please contact us to discuss the opportunity for you to generate additional income from your properties.

Phone: (312) 988-4600

Email: realestate@imagemediaoutdoor.com

How Can I Contact Image Media?

Phone: (312) 988-4600

Email: sales@imagemediaoutdoor.com