im142 Mountain Dew Billboard - Image Media OutdoorWhat Is A Static Bulletin / Billboard?

A static bulletin or billboard is the largest, non-custom sized, permanent billboard available. These displays reach thousands of consumers every day by being clearly visible on highways, tollways and major travel routes. The large size static bulletin is 60 feet wide and 20 feet high, which amounts to 1200 square feet of extremely visible space to connect your product or service with the buying public.

OOH (Out-Of-Home) Advertising consistently reaches consumers more than television or newspapers. According to the Dept. of Labor, working adults spend 70% of their waking hours away from home. Static bulletin billboards reach consumers in a way that other types of media cannot do.

Benefits of a Static Billboard

The many benefits of static, bulletin billboard advertising include:

  • Constant, 24/7 communication with consumers
  • Ability to reach every demographic simultaneously or target a specific audience
  • Makes an eye-catching and lasting impression of your product or service
  • High Return on Investment
  • Increases effectiveness of other media buys such as TV, radio or internet

No other advertising medium has the reach and impact that bulletin billboards do. Unlike television or radio, your product or service is being advertised non-stop, with no interruptions. Television, radio and print advertising rely on consumers coming to them in order to be reached. Bulletins communicate with your audience constantly, with no effort needed on their part.

In addition, while other types of advertising invest heavily in trying to reach certain demographics, static bulletins by their very nature reach everyone, all at the same time. Conversely, you can also target your messaging to a specific audience by placing your bulletin at strategic locations. For example, placing a bulletin on the highway, just a few short miles away from your casino, restaurant or gas station has a very powerful effect on consumers making an instant buying decision.

The return on investment with bulletin billboards is excellent. According to Arbitron, nearly 40 out of 100 consumers visited a retail store that they saw advertised on a bulletin. Additionally, the Media Behavior Institute reports that bulletin billboards further extend the advertising reach of radio, television and internet by double digit figures.

Bulletins can also influence consumers to visit an advertiser’s website as well. Another statistic reported by Arbitron is that nearly 30 out of 100 people who saw a website address on a billboard, visited that portal as a result.

IMAGE MEDIA’s Bulletin Billboard Locations

When it comes to locations to advertise in the Chicagoland area on a bulletin billboard, IMAGE MEDIA has you covered. We can place your company’s messaging in the following premier locations.

Bulletin and Digital Bulletin Expressways / Tollways / Highways:

  • I-90/94 Kennedy Expressway
  • I-294 Tri-State Tollway
  • I-290 Eisenhower Expressway
  • I-88 Reagan Tollway
  • I-90/94 Dan Ryan Expressway
  • I-90 NW Tollway / Jane Addams Expressway

Wallscape locations (Neighborhoods):

  • River North, Chicago
  • Near North, Chicago
  • Gold Coast, Chicago

IMAGE MEDIA is your single source solution for bulletin billboard advertising. We have worked with some of the most well-known, prestigious corporate companies, as well as start up’s and medium sized businesses.

If you have a message to get out to the consumers of the Chicagoland area, contact us today to learn more about how static bulletin billboard advertising can make a huge impact on your sales and a great return on investment for your company.