What is a Wallscape?

Often found in major metropolitan areas, a wallscape is a large mural that is either painted, plastered or attached to the exterior of a building. These forms of outdoor advertisements are primarily used to give a company a dominating presence.

Wallscape advertising can be used to promote a new event, a major brand campaign or be a crucial part of a multi media campaign. The impact of wallscape advertisements is most apparent by their size. They can be found on apartment buildings, parking garages, or other high traffic and profile sites throughout a metropolitan area. Also, they are great options in areas where traditional billboards, like those you see on a highway, are limited. Business districts and downtown shopping areas are common areas for wallscapes.

Wallscape Advertising on Kennedy Expressway - IMW882 Image Media Outdoor

Benefits of Wallscape Advertising

Both national companies and local businesses are likely to use outdoor advertising through wallscapes. Some of the best benefits of wall advertising outdoors include:

  • Increasing and expanding overall brand outreach and awareness
  • Bringing together a unique, eye-catching advertising experience
  • Ability to launch a new product effectively
  • Create a more established brand identity
  • Reaching a larger audience on a repeated, permanent basis

How to Advertise on Wallscapes

When considering investing in a wallscape advertisement, it’s important to take into account how you want to use the size and space available. Many companies find that creating an experience that fits in well with the surrounding area is the best first step in creating a successful wallscape advertisement campaign. IMAGE MEDIA has worked with a variety of advertisers, both local and national, with different advertising goals. Using the landmark as a base in order to create a unique experience for passerby’s is the first step in working on a wallscape advertisement.

Our team at IMAGE MEDIA is excited about every outdoor advertising strategy we work on. We have experience with many different industries and know the importance of creating a powerful outdoor advertising design for your brand. Our advertising locations span across the Chicagoland area. Whether you are looking to advertise downtown Chicago or somewhere closer to your local business, we are ready to work with you on the best solution for the most impact on your wallscape advertisement.

Contact our team at IMAGE MEDIA to learn more about how wallscape advertisements can bring your brand to the next level in a unique, high impact way. We look forward to working with you and your company in the Chicagoland area!