What is a Billboard?

You may see the term “bulletin” when working with an advertising firm on putting together a billboard advertisement. They are one in the same and interchangeable terms. By definition, a billboard or bulletin is a large outdoor advertising space that is meant to target and attract the attention of pedestrians and motorists in the surrounding area. A lot of people that drive a car during their commute see billboards daily. Advertisers have an opportunity to promote their brand to a guaranteed audience through billboard advertising.

When working on coming up with an idea for outdoor billboard advertising, it’s important to note that the onlooker’s in cars and on foot won’t likely have a lot of time for a complicated ad message. Ideally, a billboard should be particularly visual to get the message across quickly and only contain 6-10 words, if possible. The tone of your billboard should be able to be broadly accepted since you are going to be reaching a lot of demographics without the ability to change out messaging based on certain audience groups.

There are a variety of types of billboards to consider when working on coming up with the right billboard advertisement. Here are a few ideas that IMAGE MEDIA works with:

Static billboards are the typical advertisements you’ve seen. They are made on a large printed vinyl and stretched over the face of the billboard.
Digital billboards are implemented by uploading a digital file to a secure network and displaying the large message on a digital face.
Billboard extensions are used to bring a three-dimensional aspect to your advertisement. These embellishments bring even more attention and uniqueness to your billboard.

Outdoor billboard advertising is important for businesses looking to grow their brand in a local or metropolitan area. Our team at Image Media works on bringing the best locations for your company’s brand to advertise on a billboard. We have space in the Chicagoland area, both downtown and more locally in the surrounding city limits. Image Media works on all steps of advertising for your billboard. We can assist in design, production, creation, and storage of any materials for your billboard at our warehouse.

Contact our team at IMAGE MEDIA for more information on billboard advertisements and how they can bring you brand exposure like never before. Our team of outdoor advertising experts look forward to helping design a unique campaign for your company.

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