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 In today’s fast-paced world, most people spend more time away from their home compared to any other period in recent history. The U.S. Department of Labor recently reported that individuals who are in the workforce do not occupy their residence for up to 70% of their waking hours. This startling statistic has had a notable impact on how well traditional methods of advertising, such as radio, newspapers and TV can reach their intended audiences.

While out of home advertising has always been a powerful way to reach consumers, its influence on them with regard to purchasing decisions remains as strong as ever. A recent study conducted by the marketing industry concluded that 5 out of 10 adults notice out of home advertising in their daily travels. Consumers spend many hours in their cars each month, whether it be to commute to their jobs or travel for other purposes. Research has also shown that up to 90% of people who are in the market to buy a car will take note of an outdoor advertisement featuring an automobile.  

Out of Home Advertising Defined

Outdoor advertising can be described as strategic marketing campaigns that are designed to reach people through the following mediums:

  • Static BillboardsThis type of billboard is still the most widely used form of out of home advertising. Measuring 20’ tall by 60’ wide, static billboards provide advertisers with about 672 square feet to display a single message.
  • Digital BillboardsUtilizing high definition screens, digital billboards produce bright, colorful images that can be easily changed. The production time for a digital campaign is much shorter than a traditional billboard, as advertisements can be displayed as soon as their electronic graphics are completed.    
  • WallscapesCommonly used in more urban settings, wallscapes are murals or images that are placed on the side of buildings. This form of out of home advertising can be used in areas where larger billboards are not allowed.

Outdoor Advertising Locations

Image Media Outdoors has some of the most visible billboard and wallscape locations in the Chicagoland area that help our clients consistently reach the right audience

Bulletin and Digital Bulletin Expressways / Tollways / Highways

  • I-90/94 Kennedy Expressway
  • I-294 Tri-State Tollway
  • I-290 Eisenhower Expressway
  • I-88 Reagan Tollway
  • I-90/94 Dan Ryan Expressway
  • I-90 NW Tollway / Jane Addams Expressway

To view a map of our Bulletin and Digital Bulletins click here

Wallscape locations (Neighborhoods)

  • River North, Chicago
  • Near North, Chicago
  • Gold Coast, Chicago

Geopath Metrics Analysis  

Out of home advertising is not only a great way to reach a mass audience, but also connect with a targeted demographic as well. Image Media Outdoor is proud to partner with Geopath, an industry leader in audience analytics.

By evaluating aggregated and anonymous data measurements, Geopath can identify which specific audiences are being reached through outdoor advertising campaigns. Studying audience demographics in such detail allows our clients to be confident that their investment in out of home advertising campaigns is reaching the right audience.   

An Experienced Outdoor Media Company

The highly experienced team at Image Media Outdoor has helped many companies take advantage of the benefits of utilizing out of home advertising. Whether your organization is a major corporation or a small to mid-sized business, we have the experience and knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of your outdoor marketing efforts.

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